Needed a boost in my exercise routine

Submitted by: Machelle Lee

Robyn's Success Story

After turning 30 this year, I felt like I needed a boost in my normal exercise routine which was starting to feel a little drab and boring and not giving me the results I was looking for. I could see a few pounds creeping up here and there in all the usual spots and I wanted to take action to prevent any more of the dreadful spread...

I heard about the Invisble Gym from a friend of a friend who currently trains with Machelle. She came highly recommended so I went to the website for more info. What I initially liked about the Invisible Gym is that it advocates an overall healthy lifestyle approach instead of promising quick fixes and empty promises.

Since the Invisible Gym offers mobile personal training, I was able to work out in my home - a super convenient benefit. There was no excuse I could make to not workout! Machelle created a challenging routine for me utilizing a basic ball and bands. Being fit and active all my life, I have pretty high standards for fitness instruction on any level and Machelle greatly exceeded my expectations.

She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm, and shows genuine pleasure in helping people She also gives excellent advice on how to make adjustments in my life to improve my overall well-being and that a healthy body cannot be achieved solely by exercise, but includes my mental health, my emotional balance, and what I eat, when and why.

Her e newsletter full of interesting articles, exercise tips, and recipes for a healthy diet also help keep me on track and focused on my goals. I feel better than I ever have before and have greater endurance, strength, and flexibility. I definitely feel a boost in my energy level which has helped me cut back on the number of afternoon Starbucks runs...which I happily put towards my next training package!