National Champion Rower

Submitted by: Marco Sanchez

Oliver Pucker's Success Story

As a rower, a huge part of my sport is physical strength and conditioning. A rower must have excellent cardiovascular endurance and a great amount of power so that each stroke is very strong and just as powerful as the last. Marco was able to help me prepare for the spring crew season with regular training over the winter. I strongly believe that the work I did with Marco was the reason for my success this crew season because my erg scores (measures of how hard you can pull in a race) improved drastically after my training with him. Due to this strength increase I moved from 2nd and 3rd boat to the 1st Lightweight Eight on my crew team which went on to finish 6th at Youth Rowing Nationals in Ohio. I am very glad I worked with Marco because he greatly improved my physical conditioning and helped me reach my full potential as an athelete.

Oliver Pucker
Weston High School Crew 2011


Oliver Pucker Before


Oliver Pucker After