My Weight Loss Program

Submitted by: Doris Bullock

Jessica Fryda's Success Story

This month’s client is Jessica Fryda, who lost 37 pounds by training and journaling at Fit Family. Jessica is excited to share her tips, tricks, and secrets.

In October 2012 Jessica (23 years old) weighed in at 206 pounds. She stated that she was always tired and she decided it was time to make a change in her life. She no longer wanted to feel tired and out of breath when she climbed stairs and chased after her kindergarten students. She also stated that she did not want to live to eat...she needed to eat to live. She felt that she did not want to end up with diabetes or other health diseases. Jessica's turning point was when she realized she was not happy with herself. She stated that it was essential to change her life and lose the weight. Jessica started day one (October 12) by logging in her journal (great tool to track your eating and exercise). The first question that came from her was do I have to write down everything. Well you know the answer. YES everything! If you bite it, you must write it.

Words from Jessica Fryda.....
When I first started my program I found it hard to walk on the treadmill at 2.9 mph (I am now running at 5.5- 6.0 mph). I started lifting weights....5 pounds and now I am lifting 12 - 15 pounds. I meet with my trainer twice a week and share my information for the week. My trainer (Doris) reviews my journal and what I have done for the week. Doris gives me tips to keep me motivated for the week and makes sure that I stay on track. My workouts are never the same, which I like. I come to Fit Family with an attitude but when I workout I feel great.

These are some things that I have learned from my training sessions:

1. Track what you eat, and be honest: Track everything that you eat or drink that has calories. This includes juices, cream, cookies, chocolate, sugar, vitamin water, and alcohol. This can really be eye-opening because we have no idea how much we eat until you see it in writing. Remember just because you did not write it down it is still in your system. So write it down!

2. Do your required cardio, strength training, and stretching: There are hundreds of programs you can do, but which one is right for you? Should you train every day? Should you lift more? So many questions. I would always ask my trainer how many reps today? Her answer is always how many do you want? I stopped asking....this always got me in trouble. Just do it, she knows what she is doing.

3. Always keep an open mind: Try to maintain positive thoughts about your training and know that this is a new you. Everything should be done in small steps. Don't try to do it all in a day or week.

4. Find a trainer that you like: My trainer has been an inspiration to me since the first day we met. She is a wonderful person and a dynamic personal trainer. The best part about a good trainer is that they don’t force you to do things, they empower you. That is how I feel after a session with Doris. I feel empowered to make good food choices, to get into the gym, to achieve what I've been capable of achieving.

Here are some of the things that she has helped me to achieve:
• I can run! Before I started training with Doris, the idea of running a single mile (yup, 1 mile) seemed impossible. Now, I can run 4 miles in less than an hour, and I am planning on running a race.
• I lost 37 pounds (and gained muscle) and learned to like exercise for exercise, rather than only as a necessary evil required to get/fit and stay fit.
• I'm strong! Getting strong makes me love and appreciate my body so much more.
• I eat so much healthier both because of Doris' encouragement and check-ins, and also because of the fact that exercising more made me more aware of how much better I felt when I eat well.
• Accountable! I have someone who makes me accountable about making healthy choices, besides myself. I've gained a friend.
• Trainer: Working with a trainer has been an investment in my health, and I honestly think it's paid off. I look and feel good. I would absolutely encourage anyone to try to fit working with a trainer into their budget, especially if they're new to working out. Training with Doris is one of the best investments and decisions I've made.
My Weight Loss Results as of 5/22/13:
Year 2012 2013 Total Down
Body Fat 39.9 29 -10.9
BMI 33.3 27.4 -5.9
Weight 206.2 169 -37.2
Shoulder 42.5 39 -3.5
Chest 45 38.75 -6.25
Waist 38 31 -7
Abdomen 40 35.75 -4.25
Hips 46.25 41.75 -4.50
Arms 12.25 10.75 -1.5
Forearm 10 8.75 -1.25
Thigh 27 23.25 -3.75
Calf 16.25 15.25 -1.00


Jessica Fryda Before


Jessica Fryda After