My Transformation! Transformed my mind & my body benefitted!

Submitted by: Alexis Avila-Martin

This is not a client, this is My Story's Success Story

Since college, I gained & lost weight as often as the seasons changed. Once I started working on my career, I felt like I finally had control of my weight, but really I just didn't have the time to eat and drink as much. Once my life settled down, I did no exercise and increased my eating....& gained. At 30, it wasn't so easy to live on frozen yogurt to lose weight. My new marriage made me very happy, but staying home didn't help my waist line. I started on the 30 something roller coaster of not eating, gorging, hiding when I ate and feeling fat and tired. In the meantime, my husband continued his exercise routine and stayed the same.

He tried to get me to ride a road bike, roller blade, walk but I didn't enjoy it because I couldn't keep up.

Then I started going to the gym and "going through the moves." Guess what? No results! I then worked with a trainer and found I liked it as well as started taking spin classes and yoga.

At 39 I was sick of what I saw in the mirror and started to push myself. I worked with a trainer and a friend and finally started to evaluate what, when and why I was eating the way I did. It was emotional, punishment and self deprecating.

My goal was to be at 140 by my 40th birthday and I did it! I lost 20 lbs! Then, slowly started gaining it back. Here we go again. But this time I knew I could lose it and stay on track. I set a goal, i trained for a triathlon, got down to 135 (I had gotten up to 165 at my heaviest) and have stayed between 134-139 ever since. How? Changing up my routine. I took kickboxing, weight lifting, cycling, cardio, Pilates classes & more. I started taking instructor classes, riding on the road, actually buying fresh produce and only lean meat and fish and drinking adult beverages once in a while. I also got rid of my fat clothes, no more back up jeans!

I also talked and talk a lot to other women around me to work through those tough days or weeks. I also love the rush of feeling like I'm going to die then catching my breath and doing it again. Very foreign to me! I also absolutely love pushing others when they need it, getting pushed and supporting others when they need that too. My nicknames are Mama Bean & Mrs. Bossy to name a few. I am a mom, grandma, aunt and wife, but I am bossy and a nurturing "mama" too.

I get it! I don't live to work out, I work out to live!