My testimonial

Submitted by: Sahafudeen Hamzah

Joel Krugger's Success Story

Deen has been my personal trainer for the past year and in that time I have dropped 30 kgs, significantly improved my cardio-vascular fitness, improved my tennis game, and have become stronger. Indeed, it has been a full lifestyle change. Deen has contributed significantly to that change by not only seeing me twice a week for always challenging, yet enjoyable, and achievable gym sessions, but also for being supportive and encouraging of my exercise and dietary habits.

Deen is first and foremost concerned with your safety and comfort and is always asking if you are uncomfortable in any way. Indeed, often Deen encourages me to not overtrain or take on too much weight as the primary focus is on technique and results.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a supportive and knowledgeable trainer to consider Deen.

Speak with you soon.


Joel Krueger
17 Jalan Pandan
Singapore 288802