My success with the MS Community

Submitted by: Doris Poders

's Success Story

Over the past 15 years, begining in California, working with the M.S. Community - and now for the past 5 years in Las Vegas, has been the most rewarding of my career, bar none. To see my MS kids gain strength, balance and self-confidence to not be afraid of anything is the most wonderful gift that has been given to me. They are my family, and all the other classes and clients I work with, and have worked with, my MS kids are the most courageous and willing to put themselves out there so they can live as normal lives as they can. I have received many commendations for the MS Society over the years, but the faces on my MS students can't compare with a piece of paper or award of any kind. I keep learning all the time so I can better serve my students, clients and myself to be the person I know I can be.