My success story

Submitted by: Sue Francisco

Sue's Success Story

I believe the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped, including myself. Here you can see me at my highest weight of 144 pounds at age 48 and my current weight of 104 pounds at age 49. My weight gain was a result of multiple forces working against me including: medication side effects, insulin resistance, peri-menopause, daily indulgences in sweets and spending too many hours sitting at the computer.

In additon to overcoming these obstacles, I had to change my diet to address acid reflux, interstitial cystis and food/vitamin sensitivies. Not only did I lose 40 pounds but I stopped suffering from chronic pain & fatigue, frequent rib dislocations and I stopped making bi-monthly trips to the chiropractor. I also lowered my cholesterol, normalized my blood sugar and gained significant relief from interstitial cystitis all from changing my diet and increasing my exercise.


Sue Before


Sue After