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Submitted by: Katherina Colston

Ruthie Redsteer's Success Story

"My name is Ruth Redsteer, but most call me Ruthie. I am 27 years old and the mother of a big bouncing two year old boy. In October 2007, I was diagnosed with Arthritis. Before I knew it I went from healthy busy working mom to near disabled. Everything hurt. My knees were swollen, all my joints hurt, and my muscles were very tight. I could barely get out of bed in the morning let alone keep up with my family. I was heartbroken with a broken body.

Then I met Katherina. Her positive attitude gave me the strength to get going and fight the pain and stiffness one day at a time. I started training with her three times a week and have been for almost a year now. Little by little I got stronger, the pain started to dissipate. Before I knew it I was bouncing right along side my little boy again. Although the arthritis will never go away, I have learned the value of exercise, good nutrition and strength training. Keeping the muscles strong also keep the joints strong which eventually keep the whole body strong. Arthritis has become a part of my life but so has the exercise and balanced nutrition.

Thank you Katherina for all your patience, love, and support. Because of you I am my new self, (32 lbs thinner I might add)."

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