My Story! BZC ROCKS!

Submitted by: Teresa Auvaa

Via's Success Story

I love that you asked about success stories....this past week I just said goodbye to my 60th pound...the journey has been so FUN thanks to Zumba! I was introducted to the BZC in Feb 2010. I had attended a few other Zumba classes before, but THIS one was so kept me motivated to keep moving my body through the hour. By the end of that class, I realized I hadn't worked up a sweat like that EVER...I was DRENCHED!! At the same time, I realized I had the BEST HOUR of was SO MUCH FUN!!
It wasn't until mid-April when I decided I was going to make a life time change for myself. II'd had multiple health problems, one being anemic which caused me to pass out while watching my kids one evening...I awoke to find my 8 yr old daughter bawling because she was so scared! I didn't ever want that to happen again. I remember pulling up your blog and reading the Fitness Tips...I think I read about burning fat fast and some tips on drinking more water...I told myself this was it! April 18th was the day I started eating better, drinking only water and eating smaller meals through the day, then I would go to Zumba 2-3 times a week. In my first week I lost 5 pounds and that motivated me so much to see the pounds go BYE BYE!! =) IIn my first month I lost 22 pounds, 2nd month I had lost 35...3rd month I started adding some weight training & walking the track on days I didn't have Zumba...lost 48 pounds in my 3rd month....and I will soon hit my 4th month. This past week I said goodbye to my 60th pound!! Anyway...I could go on and are the facts...
Life Change Began: April 18, 2010
Beginning Weight: 276 lbs
I weight myself as of August 3, 2010 I now weigh 216 lbs. I can't wait to get out of the 200s!!
I've dropped 8 dress sizes- from a size 24 to a 16

I feel so much healthier and happier....I get anxiety when others compliment me, I'm not used to the attention, but I LOVE the compliments, hugs and smiles my kids & hubby give me! Any temptation is over ruled because I don't ever want to go back!
...and my journey continues...Zumba is AMAZING!! YOU are AMAZING!! I love that saying, "Ditch the workout and join the PARTY!!"
Zumba truly is a party...ESPECIALLY with the BZC! I'm so thankful for the passion you have for Zumba Teresa and the motivation, devotion and extra push you give each of us in every class! I love all the health tips and info you provide on your blog as well as the events you are such a great example and I have learned so much from you. THANK YOU!


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