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Submitted by: Carrie Adams

Carrie Adams 's Success Story

Of course, I want to lose some weight to get ready for the spring/summer, but the main goal is to create a healthy lifestyle.
My #1 tip: Do not ever say “I’m going on a diet.” When you make the decision to go on a diet, you are already deciding you will ‘be done with the diet,’ at some point. At that point, you will gain your weight back, slowly, but surely. The good news is you don’t have to waste any more money on diet schemes.
Having a regular exercise routine and maintaining portion control will Slowly but Surely get you to a healthier lifestyle! Which is what transforms Your Body to be “The Body” you want!
I have always struggled with weight loss. I was not an active child, no sports or cheerleading. I was in my first year of college when I realized I had to become physically active if I ever wanted to look good in a bathing suit.
So I started there...
..... When I went to the gym for the first time and tried to run on a treadmill... It was a joke; I couldn't keep up the pace for 1 full Minute!
Where ever you are on your journey“.
*The key is not to get discouraged and to believe in yourself! Get a workout buddy or a good Playlist.
I worked my way up to running for 5min straight! That was my first Major Goal!
The first year I was exercising“ I ran a mile a day 3-5x a week. Also, I was eating healthier food.. I still was stuck in convenience food, but instead of driving though and getting a value meal with fries, I went to Subway and had baked chips“. *It worked*
I went from purchasing my first (and only) size 15“. To a comfortable 9/10“
Several years ago I learned about group exercise! OMG“ It was So much better than running!
I was obsessed. It wasn’t easy at first, but it was so much fun and easy to pick up! I was going to 5-8 classes a week!
I got into my smallest pants size Ever! When I bought my first pair of size 6 jeans I was ecstatic!
Unfortunately, my schedule at work changed and I was unable to make it to class anymore“ Here I am 2 years later and back to a comfortable size 11/12“ Ugh! I never thought that would happen again, but it did..
The best thing is I know I can do it again! Muscle has memory and bounces back so fast with a regular routine.
I now have my own Aerobic Studio and on my way back to my Skinny Jeans!
I got into this business because I know what it’s like to think you are never going to get there. Feeling miserable when shopping for new clothes and on the other end of the spectrum, I know what it feels like to pick out anything and it look great on too!
I want to be here for you all that need that buddy to help find your motivation.
Call any time or come by Cardio~Care “The Studio”
1015 W. Sevier St. Benton, AR