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Submitted by: Jason Bosley-Smith

Joanne's Success Story

I don’t know why at the age of 51 I get it. Some days I am not even sure what the it is that I get. But, I do know that I am in the best physical shape of my life and the majority of credit for that success belongs to my personal trainer.

My first memory of being conscious of my weight and size as compared to others is in fourth grade. I joined Weight Watchers for the first time in high school. All of my adult life I have watched what I ate, attempted to work out and worried about my weight. I have weighted myself every day since the 1970s. I have done many diet programs. I also have ventured in to some unhealthy ways to lose weight. I have had success in the past but only for nanoseconds.

For a variety of reasons, in 2007 I found myself at 260 pounds. Once again, I joined Weight Watchers. I quickly lost about 30 pounds. Then I was stuck. For the next two years I lost and gained the same 20 pounds. I thought I was “on program”. I continued to walk and go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week.

I am type I diabetic. I manage my blood sugar utilizing a insulin pump. I was on a variety of prescription medications to manage my blood pressure, and my lipids. Despite my weight I was fairly successful in managing my health.

I turned 50 in March of 2009. I had been trying to convince myself that I was accepting of my size, but deep inside I knew that was not true. My daughter had been attending a cardio core class and personal training with Jason Bosley-Smith. She was getting results and improving her athletic performance through those sessions. Timidly I asked her if Jason worked with old ladies. She replied yes. With great fear I set up an appointment with him.

The first time I met with Jason I was nervous and embarrassed. Jason asked questions about what I wanted to achieve. I really was not sure what I wanted to achieve. He asked about what I had done in the past and my current lifestyle but overall convinced me we were looking to the future and beginning a journey to meet my goals.

I decided I would try working with Jason for the summer. I was not convinced I would be able to lose any weight but I knew what I had been doing was not working. With a great deal of patience and tolerance Jason put together a program for me. I work out with him one day a week and complete a program he designs during the rest of the week. Six months after I began personal training I began attending the cardio core class. I am old enough to be the mom of the majority of the people in the cardio core class but for the most part I am able to keep up with them.

Jsaon has guided me through nutritional and life style changes. Jason asks the questions that stop me in my tracks. When I doubt my ability to do a workout or make a change; he encourages me to see my own strength. Since working with Jason I have lost 58 pounds. Prior to working with Jason I utilized 125 to 150 units of insulin to manage my blood sugar on a daily basis. I now use 20 to 25 units on a daily basis. I have been able to stop taking Coreg, a beta blocker that had been prescribed for tachycardia. My resting pulse rate is now 58 to 65. I have been able to lower the dose of Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor used for blood pressure control. The reason I remain on it is for its protective properties in preventing long term diabetic complications. I have gone from wearing a size 20 to a size 10. I have energy for all that I want to do.

I have reached a weight where I am comfortable. I continue working with Jason on new goals and learning how to maintain my weight and improve my health.


Joanne Before


Joanne After