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Like most people, I was very active as a teen ager and into my young adult years. However, like most, I allowed myself to eat too much and not get any form of exercise. My eating habits from my teen age years never left. I ate everything and anything and most of the time in large portions. By the time I turned 45, I weighed 230lbs on a 6ft frame. That is 70 lbs since high school and 60 lbs since the Marine Corps. It was't until I looked at a photo of myself, I mean really look at it, that I got disgusted and ashamed of how I looked. I decided it was time to make a change. I started exercising on a regular basis using P90X, while also changing my eating habits. I dropped 50 lbs and over the past 5 years have been able to maintain that weight give or take 5 lbs. There is not easy button, there is no magic pill. Moderate exercise and portion control were my magic pills. I did cut a few thing totally out of my diet, no more diet sodas ( a 6 pack a day habit) and drastically cut the sugars and junk food. I also started to work out with and joined a local triathlon club. The support and encouragement along with the coaching I received, help turn a non swimmer into an Ironman. Things I thought I would never do , I am doing. I am enjoying life and also not as embarrassed about looking at a picture of myself. If I can do it, there is no reason anyone can not do it. I just found that I had to make the decision and take that first step. I have met some amazing people along the way.


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