My Personal Story

Submitted by: Penny Sorensen

Penny L Sorensen's Success Story

Penny is a wife, a mother of two, an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, a NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Certified Tabata Bootcamp™ Instructor, and a Certified Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor. She has also obtained a Yoga I Certification from SCW Fitness Education and is a Certified Pole Instructor Beginner/Intermediate levels, with PoleMoves®, an ACE, AFAA, and PFA approved instructor certification course.

Penny also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an Associate Degree in Specialized Business – Legal Administrative Assistant, and worked in the field of law for many years. After losing quite a bit of weight, Penny gravitated toward part-time positions in her community, helping others lose weight, become fit and live healthier. This became her passion. Her clientele continued to blossom and clients wanted more and more of her time, so she ventured into a sideline business running Tabata Bootcamp™ programs at local churches, providing a space for her to offer this extraordinary program to her community. She continued to instruct cardio dance classes and has taught everything from Tabata, Step, Toning, weight lifting, and yoga for fitness classes.

Anyone who has experienced drastic weight loss can identify with the mental aspect of weight loss. You look great, but when you look in the mirror, you still see that old person, wondering when you will see yourself the way others see you. Penny went through this, and that is when pole fitness came into her life. She and a group of girlfriends traveled afar to seek a girl’s night out that included pole dancing. It was intended to be a one-time adventure, but she was hooked. Any chance she could, she found a studio and took a class. She noticed her confidence level increasing and finally, she accepted herself, her body, and her fitness achievements.

Almost a year went by, traveling 2–3 hours away to get her pole fitness fix. She decided to get her certification and open a studio so she could share the positive experience with people she encounters. As Penny says, “It is easy to help others change their lives; it is hard to make them believe in themselves again.” With that said, she is sure you will benefit from pole, both in mind and in body. Anyone taking a class should be proud to be part of the pole movement, making this style of fitness a respectable form of fitness and dance.

With the help of her trainer, her next goal is to compete in a pole competition. Until then, she is excited to share her passion with you.