My Personal Journey - so far

Submitted by: Nicole Vandekamp

Personal Trainer - Nicole's Success Story

One of the most embarrassing and humiliating moments in my life was when I went shopping with my husband and a women had asked me when my baby was due. It was embarrassing because I was overweight, NOT PREGNANT!

I needed to make a change. I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in clothing, always trying to hide my stomach and love handles, and being insecure with how I looked.

One of my obstacles is food. I LOVE to eat delicious (& fatty) foods! I would eat out of boredom, because it tastes good- - basically whatever reason I can think of. After starting Weight Watchers, it amazed me how many points (calories) were in some of the foods I loved. Food is still a struggle for me and I feel it always will be.

I feel so GREAT when I end the day and didn't go over my daily points, on mondays when I weigh in (I am losing!), and after doing a good workout where I can reaaaalllly feel it the next day :D

Fitness and eating healthy is definitely a lifestyle. It takes hard work, dedication, and being consistent. I struggle and there are ups and downs, but this is worth it.

I became a personal trainer shortly after my before picture was taken because I wanted to change my life and those around me. I can relate to my clients and they can relate to me. It's hard, but it's doable!

I'm still on my weight loss journey and I look forward to the day when I can post my after shot on here! For now, this is where I am at today!

Before - March 2011 (Weight - 206 lbs)
Progress - October 8 2011 (Weight - 185 lbs)


Personal Trainer - Nicole Before


Personal Trainer - Nicole After