My Pain Relieved Through Tai Chi

Submitted by: Heather Reade

Andrew's Success Story

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my doctor told me that exercise would help me to improve my freedom of movement and that if I just sat down the pain would get worse.
I decided I would try Tai Chi, as it is something I had been thinking about for some time. I quickly found a local class and joined along with my wife and attended my first class with Heather.
The class is on Friday morning and I found, having done and enjoyed enormously the class, that I was without my constant companion, leg pain, all Friday afternoon at work and at home after work. It must be said that on Saturday and Sunday I was very sore, but I felt it was a lot to do with having used long unused muscles for the first time in a long time. My pain returned to normal on Monday. As I did not expect instant improvement, I was not discouraged and went again the following Friday.
This time I was not only pain free Friday afternoon, but until Tuesday had no pain whatsoever, on Wednesday my pain was back but I was optimistic of the pain relief and would have settled for this result every week and was keen for Friday to come again for the hoped for relief.
I have to report that after the third week my legs have been virtually pain-free and apart from the occasional twinge have remained so ever since.
It is my intention to not only continue this course until its conclusion but to seek a further avenue to continue to not only improve my Tai Chi but to hopefully remain able to walk without pain into the future. Thank you, Heather, for providing a class that is filled with encouragement, useful information and a positive energy. Andrew M.