Submitted by: Arodis Machado

Arodis Machado.. MY OWN Story's Success Story

NObody believe me WHEN I SAY..YES I have been in your place.. I gained weight, I was depress, I lost confident on me , I loose my self like a shadow. There I said , NO MORE..I need to be myself again and I know I was going to be able to achieve what I was planning to do..That was taking over my life, my health and my Confidence to be ME AGAIN. I made IT and I share my experience with other so the know that you can really make a change!..ZUMBA Fitness, Great Nutrition habits and a positive mind state were my tools to Success.
Since HERE IN IDEA I Try to dowload my Pictures Before and After and is not working. You most GO to my NEW BLOG, there you will see what Iam talking about.


Arodis Machado.. MY OWN Story Before


Arodis Machado.. MY OWN Story After