My Own Success

Submitted by: Shannon Stoughton

Shannon Latimer Stoughton's Success Story

Mom of one, who gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy. Post pregnancy, I found out I had high cholesterol and a genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden- for more information.

I was determined to get back to my pre-baby weight for so many reasons- good health being the driving force. I have succeeded, going from a size 14 post baby to a size 6. It has taken me four years of consistent exercise and watching what I eat to achieve this. I am definitely of the slow and steady approach, which I think is best for the body in the long run. I am also happy to say that through diet and exercise my cholesterol is under control (back to the normal range) and that keeping up exercise will help decrease my chances of forming a blood clot. Check out "My Story" on the to learn more. Be active. Be Happy!


Shannon Latimer Stoughton Before


Shannon Latimer Stoughton After