my own personal pregnancy story

Submitted by: Misty Bradley

me!!!! misty bradley's Success Story

Another success story about myself........ this time I am sharing a very special part of life with you. After running a haf marathon in the spring I found out I was actually indeed a few weeks pregnant. WOW!!!! I did my personal best at half marathon.....1:57....and I dont know if I wouldve done so if I had known I had my precious little package on board that day!!! I am due January 8th, 2013 and have been labeled high risk since finding out I was pregnant. I had somewhat planned the pregnancy so it wasnt a huge shock to my husband and I.......but it happened a bit early for us. My age makes me high risk...I am 36 years old. Due to this I have a lot of extra testing to do...but other than that..all has been good with the pregnancy. The optimal weight for me to gain was 25 to 30 lbs per my doctors orders. There is research that suggests up to 35 lbs........I am sad to admit I have gained 50 lbs and I will gladly share all the reasons behind this...and admit I really wish I had not but I think sometimes we must admit when things are out of our control. I know I will have to work even harder to get all this excess weight off....but I will do it!!! have to! no choice in the matter and it will be done in a healthy manner and once again...taken off slowly...for good!