My Own Lifestyle Revolution

Submitted by: Tina Roberts

Tina Roberts's Success Story

I am a working mother of two young children who, just two short years ago, couldn’t keep up with my family’s active lifestyles. I would leave work to run home to take a nap before picking up the kids because I simply didn’t have the energy! Instead of playing outside with my children on the weekends, I preferred to take naps on the couch. I felt miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin. I knew something had to give when I went shopping for a beautiful ball gown and the only dresses that fit made me look like a 90 year old great grandma instead of a 30 year young woman. I knew something had to give. In 2008, I made a commitment to become healthier and lose weight. I joined a gym, signed up for Weight Watchers, and grabbed the bull by the horns! Since then I have lost 95 pounds and am still going! It hasn't been an easy road but I don't think there is such a thing when it comes to weight loss.

I have been overweight all of my life. I have been the stress eater, the nervous eater, the depressed eater, etc, etc, etc. When I changed my diet and activity, I found a whole new me! I have spent the last two years on a crusade to show people who want to be healthy how to reach their goals! I, not only have personal experience in weight management, but formal education as well. But enough about me... what are you waiting for?! Pull up a weight bench and get ready for YOUR LIFESTYLE REVOLUTION!!!!!


Tina Roberts Before


Tina Roberts After