MY OWN AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Results!

Submitted by: Mitch Ryan

Mitch Ryan's Success Story

I did my very own AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge because I wanted to prove how easy it really is to get amazing results. Yes, the pictures were taken only 24 days apart. Over the 24 day period I kept myself to a strict limit of only working out 1 hour a day for 6 days a week. I did this because I figured any person who is serious about results could afford to train for 6 hours in a 168 hour week. Not too much to ask at all. I ate as much healthy food as I wanted. At the end of the 24 Day Challenge I dropped 2% body fat, I lost 4 pounds of fat and I actually gained 6 pounds of muscle. My goal was to get as ripped as I possibly could. I think it worked! If you don't believe the photos, check out the video in my videos section. Anyone can get amazing results with AdvoCare! And I will take you through it every step of the way. (209) 304-7642


Mitch Ryan Before


Mitch Ryan After