NPC Competition 2014 TJC & KY Muscle

Submitted by: Mishell Nibert

Mishell Nibert 's Success Story

*2014 NPC KY Muscle

Master's 35+ Bikini 2nd place & Open Bikini Class A 3rd place

Master's 35+ Figure & Novice 5th place

**2014 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic

Master's 35+ Figure 1st place & Open figure Class A 3rd place

Master's 35+ Bikini 2nd place, Novice Bikini 3rd place,and Open Bikini Class A 5th place

*** NPC KY Muscle 11/9/13
Competed in Open Bikini placed 8 out of 27 and Master's Bikini placed 7 out of 12.

This was an awesome experience and can't wait to do my next competition.

Morning of the show 113 lbs 10.5% body fat

**10/04/13 weight 117lbs 12% BF.
Workout change up again, moving up in weight (heavy) 3/4 days a week and 1 day intense cardio for at least 2.5hrs. As far as diet moderation and portion size.

** Update 9/11/13 As of today I have lost 6 in and weigh 118lbs and 12.7% body fat.

*Update 09/01/13
Well it's September and just shy under 10 weeks to go. Regarding my weight well I've decided not to drop down to 112lbs. I actually got down to 116lbs. and had to put 2lbs back on I looked skinny. at 5'1 any amount of weight loss or gain on myself is very noticeable. I've altered my workouts increased weight and reps and will begin my diet this week nothing to extreme but enough to have more definition/cut to my build. Body fat is around 12-13% which is good for me right now.

* 080113
Getting ready to compete this fall 2013. The last time I competed in a contest was almost 18 years ago. I just wanted to share my journey with you and keep you posted. Every month I will be posting new photos of my progress.

Just to give you some insight regarding my training and nutrition. I train just about everyday for 3 hours working different body parts sticking with moderate weight doing @ 20 reps and 2/3 sets. Work abs everyday (favorite body part to work)!!! 1 or 2 days a week I do a full body (no weights) workout which includes circuit, endurance, cardio training. As far as my diet I still eat what I want to eat but measure my food contents. Once it gets closer to October I will curtail my diet to ensure accurate weight loss and drop in body fat.

When I started in June I weighed 122lbs and 15.8% body fat.
Right now I am at 119 lbs. and 14% body fat. My overall goal when I compete is to weigh 112 lbs. and 8 or 9% body fat.


Mishell Nibert  Before


Mishell Nibert  After