My life has become much easier in so many little ways !(I am 27 pounds lighter..)

Submitted by: Elvira Geiger

Ronald A Wallace's Success Story

I came to you a very weak and overweight person who was starting to give up on my lifetime battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The lack of muscle tone I had and the extra weight was preventing me from almost all activities. Especially activities involving walking and getting around.
I appreciated the direct, custom tailored hands on approach. I was expecting someone to say: here is what you need to do, go do it,- instead I found a trainer that stood feet away during each exercise. A trainer that clearly demonstrated each exercise, counted counts, reps etc. The demonstrations involved you doing each one even if it meant getting down on the matt yourself to make sure I did the exercise the absolute correct way for my own physical safety plus for the optimum results from the exercise. You were even there to spot me for fear I took a tumble.
Your words of encouragement did much to provide motivation to insure this entire challenge and journey for self-improvement could (and did) work.
I am 27 pounds lighter. My life has become much easier in so many little ways and in so many areas from opening containers, to shopping, getting in and out of the car, combing my hair even in the dreaded chore of housework.