My Knees Feel So Much Better

Submitted by: Angela Hunter

Sonia's Success Story

I've been very happy working out with Angela for the
past two months. I was a little hesitant to workout with
a trainer initially, as I was afraid of being forced into a
grueling workout. But Angela specifically asked me,
"if you could design the perfect workout, what would it
be?" She listened, designed a great routine, and
she tailored it specifically for my needs. Interestingly,
she also was able to assess my posture and how it
affected my back, neck, shoulders and knees- which were
all causing some pain. The workouts have been easy to
learn and not intimidating; she's a good teacher.
And, I can truly say after about 3 weeks,
I was standing up straighter with my shoulders back,
without even focusing on my posture. Also, at 3-4 weeks,
my knees were a lot less painful with walking and going up
and down stairs. I would highly recommend an assessment
and workout with Angela!