My journey to 100 lbs lost

Submitted by: Andi Swanson

Andi Guthrie 's Success Story

This success story is about me.....I have actually been there and know what it is like to be morbidly obese. My all time high weight was 277 lbs after a diagnosis with Thyroid Cancer which had also spread in to my lymph nodes and also to the parathyroid....I gained around 149 lbs from the birth of my daughter and the cancer attacking me shortly after her birth. I could not figure out why I could not lose the baby weight and why I was gaining instead (23 years ago)

Fast Forward to Jan. 25, 2010...I decided enough was enough and began a weight loss journey with Blount Wellness Center in Aloca, TN and it was the best thing I could have ever done. By this time I had already dropped 27 lbs on my own but was needing something more. Blount Wellness was an answer to my prayers. With persistance - determination - will - drive I lost another 35 lbs. I am a very slow loser and I am ok with that.

Fast Forward to today....I am now a total of 94 lbs and almost 5 feet of inches are gone from my body....5 feet! I am the proud owner of my own business called INSPIRED FITNESS...And I am helping others who have struggled just like me to know that they can do this. This lifestyle is a marathon it is not a sprint and our goals can be obtainable. I have reached so many goals and I have so many more to reach. I still have a few pounds to lose to hit my goal and I will. Time and persistance will get me there!


Andi Guthrie  Before


Andi Guthrie  After