My Journey Restored by Kettlebells

Submitted by: Leanne Wylet

The Kettlebell Lady, dba Leanne's Success Story

I had a seat belt injury when my car was rear ended. My rib cage was twisted to the right & my hips to the left. Even though I had treatment after the injury the extent of damage to my body wasn't detected. Consequently, I developed by-lateral frozen shoulders & my body locked down in scare tissue. Using a combination of Gray Cook's, Movement Screening & Corrective Exercise & Movement Prep, kettlebells, foam rolls, body weight exercises, Tai Chi & other tolls I'm now at full mobility. By going to & type into the search engine kettlebelllady you can view the before & after clip of My Journey Restored by Kettlebells. I'm now working with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.


The Kettlebell Lady, dba Leanne Before


The Kettlebell Lady, dba Leanne After