My Journey

Submitted by: Ranj Heer

Celeste's Success Story


I would like to sincerely thank-you for your generosity and kindness in helping me to begin the journey to achieve my fullest potential. Without your help I would not have be as motivated and encouraged to keep it up. You inspire me and help me to feel great about myself, to keep going when some days I feel discouraged and down, I think of your gift of personal training you have given me and it makes me want to keep the pace, to keep moving, to eat well to fuel myself not to eat to "feel good" but to excersize to feel good. (and it actually makes me happy to work out now, I used to hate it and cry, being too out of shape, not really knowing what to do or where to start and only discouraging myself further) When I work out at Studio 64 with you guys I can see my improvements, I get encouragement to keep going. When I start to get tired, you say "It's okay, just keep going, your doing great" and I feel Yes I can do it, and I do. Ranj, Thank-you, :) Truly Thank-you.

-Sincerly Celeste