My Fitness Journey

Submitted by: Mishell Nibert

Karina Resto's Success Story

After I had my daughter on December 2010, I found it extremely difficult to lose the 20 extra pounds my precious one left me with. My before picture is actually 4 months postpartum and I still looked pregnant. As a member of the military, it is very important to be fit and meet our physical training standards, which last March I didn’t for the first time in 6 years. I was advised to conduct physical activities twice a day in order to meet the standards. No matter what I did I couldn’t pass my sit-ups. I was very frustrated and disappointed in myself especially because I was exercising and eating right. At this point I decided to browse the internet for a personal trainer. It was then when I came across Mishell Nibert. Which is my friend Leccia’s trainer and she recently posted a comment on her website (small world). Right away I called my friend and asked her to tell me about her personal training experience. She could only say great things about all the results she was obtaining. The following day I contacted Mishell and set up an appointment. I am proud to say that within 3 weeks of training I was able to pass my sit-ups by an additional 15 repetitions!

I have been training with Mishell since April and not only have I passed my physical training test, but also lost 17 lbs as well. In May I underwent surgery and thanks to the training, advice, knowledge, and expertise of this amazing trainer, I am working out again like nothing happened. For the first time in my life my mid section shows definition, my body is stronger, and I am not ashamed of my body. Although, I am not done with this journey, I am very happy with my accomplishments and can't wait until the final results.

Before I used to work out because I had to; now I actually look forward to my personal training days and every time I get better and better. I am so glad I found such an amazing trainer that motivates me and cares about me (she actually checked on me during my recovery, my military travels and even while on my vacations). Not only that but she actually designed a training routine for those days when I’m traveling without me asking for it. Mishell truly cares for her clients and I will not trade her for a military trainer.

If you are fed up of with trying diets and working out on your own, I recommend that you contact my personal trainer. She will square you away and you will love the results. Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration, and for being so supportive. If only I could take you with me to Korea LOL. God bless Chica

Current Client, Karina


Karina Resto Before


Karina Resto After