My first run

Submitted by: Abui Beckley

Jessica's Success Story

I ran a race yesterday, and was so much faster than I thought I would be! 11:45 minutes per mile!

I had forgotten to tell you guys that I signed up for a corporate fundraiser 3.5 mile race this week--I signed up ages ago. It's a fundraiser race for a local nonprofit, meant for corporate teams, put on by JPMorgan/Chase, and my CEO made clear he wanted our company to put together a big team. (We were one of the smallest teams there: of the 10,000 runners, there are companies like Google & Salesforce putting up teams of 500 etc.!)

I assumed I would walk it, but have since started jogging on a treadmill at the gym some, so yesterday with my friends' and colleagues' encouragement, I put myself into the middle starting section for "slower runners" as opposed to the back section of walkers, and off we went! It's amazing how you get carried along by the crowd--I had my heart rate monitor on and it was showing my pulse was way higher than I'm used to at the gym, so I thought at first, 'Oh, must be the adrenaline of the starting line!', until it didn't drop, and then I realized I was just going much faster than I'm used to--I can't tell on my own, from the pace, because I'm not familiar enough with running, but my heart rate told me I was zipping along. To try to lower my heart rate to what I'm used to (that was my means of figuring out my pace: weird, I know) I'd find the slowest person in my field of vision and try to tail him/her for awhile, keeping me from getting carried forward by the faster crowd.

With my plantar fasciitis hurting a little yesterday morning, and not having been on a treadmill for two weeks (Burning Man!), and my general assumption that I'd be run/walking it, I was so surprised that I ran basically the whole thing! My trainer had told me I could probably do so, when I saw her on Monday and told her how my treadmill training had been, and encouraged me to try running the whole thing. She was right! I did walk very briefly (20 second stints) a few times, and also had to tie my shoe and also stop and readjust my heart rate strap around my chest for probably 45 seconds in there--so without those issues my pace may have been even faster!

I felt so proud of myself and accomplished. Who ever thought I'd be running in a race!?! Makes me realize I can do it, and it's fun! The excitement and energy of other people definitely pushes one along.

Wanted to share!