My First Figure Bodybuilding Competition

Submitted by: Pamela Adams

Maureen's Success Story

As a personal trainer and aerobic instructor for the last 15 years, I have always been a relatively fit person.

After training with Pamela's husband, Ron Adams, for a little while we started to discuss the possibility of training for a Figure competition. I had always wanted to try to compete in a show but I just never pushed myself to the next level of commitment and dedication necessary for a competition.

We discussed all of the "ups and downs" that I would encounter but but was assured that it was going to be a great journey....and it has been!

Lifting weights and getting in your cardio are of course an important part of any training program but even more important is the nutrition.
I now know that "Clean Eating" is essential in reaching your fitness goals, whatever they may be!"

The other important part of a Figure competition is learning how to walk (in high heels), carry yourself and how to pose to best display all of your months of hard work & dedication. (5 months of training)

This was all new to me and I could not have done it without Pam, a successful figure competitor and fitness model....not to mention just an all around cool person.

Pam went above and beyond the call of duty....I was very nervous about my first show and what the atmosphere would be like "back-stage". Amidst the hustle & bustle behind the scenes, Pam helped me to stay focused and calm, She was extremely patient with me.

The best part was when I came off stage, she was right there waiting to celebrate with me....that was so important to have someone like Pam there to support me through the entire process.
It was hard work but we also laughed a lot too.

I am happy to say that I placed in the top 5 for both the Novice and the Over Thirty-Five division! I took home two medals which were much more than I ever expected!

Ron and Pam, the "A-Team" , as I like to call them, are exceptional people and fitness coaches. I am proud to have them as my trainers and even more so as my friends.

I would highly recommend this process for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and their bodies to the next level.

September 3, 2008
**Maureen placed 5th Place Figure Novice Tall

October 9, 2010
**Maureen placed 2nd Place Figure Open Tall

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