My eye opener

Submitted by: Cassie Fortier

's Success Story

The only story I really have to tell, is how the 2 activities I am a regular participant of have opened my eyes to a more fun way of exercising!

I have never taken gymnastics a day in my life, but back in 2003 a friend of mine asked me if I would like to be a coach. I took a certification course and became a coach immediately. Everything I know, I have learned since working there, and it has even heloed me become active in the sport and wanting to learn all that I am capable of.

With Zumba, I saw some stuff online here and there, then we FINALLY had classes offered here in Thunder Bay. After attending classes once or twice every week for about 9 months, I got certified! I wanted to share this amazing fitness craze that can be for anyone with EVERYONE! January 2011 I start my own classes and I'm super excited to bring Zumba awareness to all in Thunder Bay!

I love that I don't just have to go to a boring gym anymore to get a workout...I can have a dance exercise party!!!