My Experience with High Intensity Interval Training

Submitted by: Judi Bannister

Sherri's Success Story

I was discussing my own personal goals with Joyce Scott, ACE Certified Trainer at Fast and Fit for Women. I wanted to find out if I could add something to my workout to step things up. She asked me if I would be interested in High Intensity Interval Training.

She explained to me the basics of doing some power walking at different intervals when walking. I tried this type of training on the elliptical machine and was excited to try something new. A few days later my husband and I had Chinese food for dinner. I ordered Sweet and Sour and enjoyed it a little too much! I have Type II Diabetes, so I know all about moderation and what I should and should not be eating.

When we arrived home I tested my blood sugar and it was 285 whereas it should be approximately 105. It was extremely high and I knew I should do some form of exercise to try and lower it quickly. My husband and I decided to go for a walk.

While walking I told my husband about the training I had just learned from Joyce and decided to try it. The concept is to warm up, leisurely walk, power walk for 30 seconds and then “take a walk in the park” for 90 seconds. I did this using three different hills. We only walked about 20 minutes.

Arriving home I rechecked my blood sugar. It had dropped to 125! I could not believe how only 20 minutes of exercise could affect my blood sugar to dramatically. As a diabetic we are always told diet and exercise are key to controlling our blood sugar. This experiment proved without a doubt to me that exercise is a very important element of my daily life and truly does work in helping control blood sugar.

Fast and Fit has handouts for the members with instructions on how to do this program and everyone working there loves to be involved in helping us learn something new! However, you need to be responsible and check your blood sugar before and after doing this training for your own safety.