My Experience at the IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Training Course

Stacy Houser's Success Story

Impacting lives through physical fitness is a dream of mine that has intensified over the past several years. I have always had a resilient interest in improving the health of my family, friends, players I have coached, athletes I have trained, and my own. The past six years of my life have been devoted to becoming educated about everything I need to know to reach my dream. After finishing graduate school, I became interested in IGNITE 360 and it did not take long for me to realize that making the trip to Florida to participate in the IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Training Course was right for me!

I knew that this journey would be an amazing experience. What I did not know, was that I would leave the program with much more than just a new system of testing/training workouts. The IGNITE 360 community of trainers and master presenters made for a life changing experience.

The IGNITE 360 Master Trainers pushed us through numerous challenging workouts. These exercises allowed me to push my fellow trainers, myself, and provided me with the confidence to successfully push future clients. Some of the greatest memories from the trip came from within the workouts. On day two, rain started pouring during our workout. It was during that workout where I took a look around and realized that I was part of the IGNITE 360 family and community. We persisted together through the rain and finished strong. From that point forward I had the “One Team – One Dream” mentality about my new family.

One of the most memorable experiences was hearing Peter Twist present a keynote address at dinner. He had everyone sign a baseball that said, “I will!” and make a promise to maintain an “I will” attitude everyday. This motto is one that has certainly stuck with me since the trip.

A key take-away message from the course that I preach as a coach and trainer to my athlete’s daily is: ALWAYS BE READY! The IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Training Course gave me the foundation to set a fire within myself and ALWAYS BE READY--personally, physically, and mentally. This is a message that is important in fitness and in life. Every minute of every day – it’s go time!

On the last morning we completed a beach workout that was one for the books. It was the moment that defined and opened my eyes to the connections and IGNITE 360 family that I had made over the four days in Florida. We were all there for a common goal and we all worked together to make it happen. Without my Ignite family working with me, the experience would not have been the same.

IGNITE 360 ended up meaning so much more to me that I had anticipated. It opened a door for me that will pave many paths in my future and open many doors. It was an honor to be among such amazing trainers and motivators that had a bigger impact on me than they can even imagine! This was certainly a once in a lifetime experience, one that I hope many trainers will enjoy as much as I did. Not a day goes by where I don’t think or talk about it! It is because of IGNITE 360 that, "I WILL GIVE EVERYTHING I HAVE, FOR WHAT I KEEP INSIDE I WILL LOSE FOREVER!"


Stacy Houser After