My Confidence Is Through The Roof...

Submitted by: Ana Caban

Sherae O., Eureka, CA's Success Story

“Before I had my second child I discovered Gaiam’s Pilates for beginners with Ana Cabán. I loved this new (to me) method of exercise and soon moved to Ana’s Cardio Pilates. In a matter of 3 months my body was in remarkable shape and at 5’ 7” I weighed a healthy and slender 130 pounds. But baby number 2 took a toll on my mind and health and I wound up weighing near 235 pounds“With the encouragement of my husband and the knowledge of what Ana helped me achieve in the past, I dusted off my Cardio Pilates DVD and greatly modified my diet“Today, I weigh 170 and the weight is falling off every week“Ana’s instructions and reminders to apply my Pilates concepts everywhere I go have shaped my body into a curvy, capable, ball of muscle. My allergies and asthma are all but gone. My confidence is through the roof. And my husband is very pleased.

Thank you Ana, for hanging out and helping me surprise myself every day!”


Sherae O., Eureka, CA Before


Sherae O., Eureka, CA After
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