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Submitted by: Tina Visingardi

What can I do for you?'s Success Story

I believe that everyone can improve their quality of life if they make fitness and exercise a part of their daily routine. Exercise alone, however, needs to be planned and achieved with methods and goals that are carefully organized and implemented. This often requires professional assistance.

Hi! My name is Tina Visingardi, and I am a certified personal trainer who believes that exercising regularly is a life changing phenomena that creates positive outcomes. I am an advocate for making fitness and exercise part of a daily routine, and I practice what I preach. Going to the gym each day with a plan of exercise makes working out exciting, and fun, for my clients and me. It has become an important part of my day, and for those who I train.

Exercise has many components, flexibility, aerobics, and weight, strength and agility training. As a personal trainer, I evaluate each individual to tailor a program which will best serve their needs and lifestyle.

Given the opportunity I will change the way you look, the way you feel, your health and your life in general!