My Christmas 10 (Xmas 2012)

Submitted by: Alonzo Jackson

Alonzo (ME!)'s Success Story

Soooooo I go home to GA for the holidays and I ALWAYS pig out! I mean who wouldn't? I get to enjoy all the delicious food my fam cooks (I live alone out in San Diego so its not hard to stick to my eating habits lol) and all the pies and cookies! Here's the proof you can't out workout a bad diet: even tho I was still working out (High intensity interval training was the staple of my workouts at home) I still managed to pack on 10 pounds! I took the before pics on January 7th, the day I got back to my usual workouts and clean eating and it took me about 4-5 weeks to get back down to my normal leanness (Thats when I was 163, I'm 165 now, increased my protein intake). Whatever equation you use (80% diet 20% gym, 70% diet 30% gym, etc.) remember the importance of a HEALTHY DIET! Pics are me relaxed, no flexing going on.


Alonzo (ME!) Before


Alonzo (ME!) After