My Body Is More Defined and Strength has Increased

Submitted by: Andrea Lane

Kersten's Success Story

For the past three months I have been working with Andrea as my personal trainer. I am writing this letter of recommendation for her because of the fun, challenging, and effective workouts she provided.

I am a moderately fit female in my early 40’s. I decided to seek a personal trainer to lose weight but also to become stronger and leaner overall. Andrea clearly understood my comfort zones and would work with me to push through them – to challenge my body at every session. During each workout legs, arms, and core were challenged, with one being that days focus.

Her encouragement during the exercises was personalized. Andrea discovered my motivations for being there and used them to get me to finish those 5 crunches or that last 15 seconds. As a woman I am specifically interested in my core area. Andrea would build in core exercises during every session.

During the session Andrea would demonstrate the exercise for me, stick with me to ensure I was using the intended muscles and not straining a muscle that should not be. Her sessions are difficult, but somehow she made me believe that I could do it.

I honestly have looked forward to the sessions with Andrea. I spent more time laughing then groaning. My body is more defined, my strength overall has increased, and indeed I have lost weight.