My Biggest Success!

Submitted by: Chris Johnson

Tracy's Success Story

"I began working out at a local 24 Hour Fitness as part of a pact with a friend to get back in shape and begin participating in triathlons and half-marathons again. During my enrollment, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to the personal training special, never intending to exceed the initial offer, period. I was pleasantly surprised by my trainer, Chris Johnson's knowledge and profesionalism. In addition to making the workouts productive and fun, he also introduced my to my new, constant companion, the Bodybugg. I soon realized that I could accomplish much more by working with a professional trainer than on my own. Five months, 70 pounds, and seven dress sizes later, the old (much improved!) Tracy is back. Thanks Chris!"

Trainer Note:
+Tracy has been working with me for over a year now, every day as challenging as the one before, breaking down physical barriers each and everyday. It is a privilege to help someone this strong and dedicated!


Tracy After