My best decision ever:getting a personal trainer

Submitted by: Robert LoFaso

Esther 's Success Story

Before I started working out with Bob, exercising did not exist in my vocabulary. I always had other priorities in my life until it became a struggle to accomplish them. I suffered daily back pains, headaches, limited flexibility and I felt tired all the time. After only two years of working out with Bob my overall health level improved greatly. I work out 2-3 times per week with my trainer and do some ‘cardio’ in-between. My daily back pain is almost history and my flexibility improved as well. The hard work is really rewarding when you feel your body change and becoming stronger. It makes me feel good, motivated and happy.

Bob is not only a very professional, experienced and knowledgeable Trainer; he is also very patient and makes the training fun. He has plenty of new exercises and knows exactly how to push me to the next level.

Thank you Bob - I look forward to my next training!