My belly is shrinking and soon I wont look pregnant anymore!

Submitted by: Elvira Geiger

Karen Rambat's Success Story

I have always been a very athletic person, all my life. After a car accident and years on morphine my body was very weak and I had regained the pregnancy weight that I had lost. Years of laying in bed caused me to lose all of my muscle tone and my weight kept quickly climbing. My eating was out of control and my portion sizes were huge. My hardest problem was just finding the motivation to get out of bed and move my body.

When I met Elly, I knew she was going to be able to help me to get where I wanted to go. One look at her body and I knew she knew her stuff. I really enjoy how my work outs are not the same from day to day and how she teaches me to use all of the different equipment in the gym. She knows how to push me harder than I would push myself. Since things are different all the time the workouts never get boring. The best part is that my belly is shrinking and soon I wont look pregnant anymore! haha

It's amazing to feel the changes happening so quickly in my body. My clothes are getting looser and my friends are telling me that they can already see the difference in my body. I have less pain now than I did before I started and I am almost off of all of my pain medicines. I always look forward to working out because Elly is so wonderful, sweet, funny and nice as well as smart and educated about training the body.
I feel blessed to have found someone so amazing and exactly what I needed to motivate me and help me get control of my life back and get stronger and healthier again. I would defiantly recommend training with Elly for anyone looking to get in shape


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