My Abdominal Separation Story (Diastisis Recti)

Submitted by: Rebecca Spain

Rebecca's Success Story

As I grow, learn, and reflect I find such strength in my weakness. My scars have softened my heart, kept me humble, and taught me some of my biggest lessons. One of these recent scars, I have been sharing with many, has given me a huge opportunity to help others. Because of this, I will continue to share and be vulnerable, knowing that I might be able to help someone else with similar scars.

After having three children close in age (presently ages 6, 4, and 3) I was faced with a protruding mummy tummy. Slow and steady through diet I dropped 1-2 lbs a week and nine months later I reached my goal weight with a total loss of 40lbs. However, I was still plagued with the mummy tummy and even more curiously a protrusion right above my belly button.

Through exercise I continued to gain more tone and lean body mass however my tummy was still soft and I still had that same protrusion. I noticed the cone-like protrusion was most noticeable when doing ab exercises such as crunches. For an entire year of teaching fitness classes, bootcamps, soccer fitness, working with clients, and working toward my own fitness goals I still had a belly protrusion. I was constantly aware of it and chalked it up to being my battle scar for being a mother. I knew it had to be an abdominal tear from being pregnant.

However, almost two years after my third child I went to the Dr. for a separate matter and figured I would ask the Dr.'s opinion on my belly. At that moment it was confirmed, not only were my abs torn but the protrusion was my intestine poking out through the weak spot in my abdominal wall. A hernia. The Dr.'s only recommendation was that if it bothered me she would give me a referral to a surgeon who could help 'fix' the hernia by putting a mesh in my abdomen over the area.

That was not an option for me. Prior to my appointment I had been researching abdominal separation and came across the term for my condition, 'diastisis recti'. I continued to do more research online and found a local physical therapist licensed in the Tupler Technique for Diastisis rehab. I made contact with the physcial therapist and the next day drove to see her. Through the Tupler Technique and my physical therapist, Tami Huber, I learned the proper exercises to help close my abdominal separation.

After only 2 weeks I made amazing progress. In the top two pictures below you can see the protrusion right above my belly button. In the bottom two pictures you can see that my protrusion is hardly visible and my belly button got smaller.

The side view photo shows a difference a month later

What amazing results! I'm so excited that through my scar, my experience, I can now help others experience the same awesome results. Within the last few months, I have brought my physical therapist in to the gym and offered others the opportunity to get their belly checked to see if they have an abdominal separation, 'diastisis recti'. Teaming up with Tami I assisted her with the first series of workshops at the gym to help a dozen other women with the same condition. And I am excited for this opportunity to help many more!

I still have the scar and stretched out skin. It is a reminder to me where I have been, it is a reminder that I have something to share, it is a reminder that I have the opportunity to make a positive difference for someone else if only I open up, reveal the scar, and share.


Rebecca Before


Rebecca After