My #1 Success Story of 2010

Submitted by: Tony Bruno

Ron's Success Story

“I wanted to take a moment to say thanks and hopefully give you some quotes you can use for your website. Kidding aside, purpose of this email is to extend my gratitude. Being a new client I didn’t know what to expect. I heard from many friends that, “Bruno is good” so my expectations were fairly high. I can tell you the results I’ve seen to date have far exceeded my expectations. After only 11 days of bio-sig I experienced a 3.2% loss of body fat and a 20.9% reduction of skin fold measurements while maintaining the same lean mass. These results came immediately on the heels of completing 12 weeks of P90X that I followed to a T. I’m eating healthy, my energy level is way up, I feel better than I’ve felt in years and no I’m not starving myself. You’ve found a client for life! I haven’t been this motivated in many years and I look forward to results yet to come. I also attended your “inaugural” group workout on Thanksgiving morning and was pleasantly surprised. I had reservations about how effective a group workout would be, but you again exceeded my expectations. I will be a regular attendee of the Saturday class as will my wife. I’d encourage anyone looking for a fresh change of pace to check it out. Ropes, dumbbell soldier crawl and extreme plyometrics were my favorite. Best bicep “pump” ever while in plank??? Who would have thunk it? Again, thanks for introducing me to what I see as a life changing program.”