Muscle Activation Techniques and athletes

Mike's Success Story

Testimonial: Angel is a passionate and compassionate therapist who works tirelessly with her patients to improve their health and well being. I was diagnosed in late September of last year with herniated discs L4 and L5 in my lower back. This was very distressing to someone that worked out, ran and biked for 30 years. I attempted physical therapy which I thought was helping me but in reality my condition was not improving but getting worse to the point where I was incapacitated and unable to walk in December. I was basically bed ridden for an entire month and unable to work. I finally came across an article that spoke about muscle activation and I sought the services of Angel. She began with an extensive and comprehensive examination. We began treatments and I was able to start working part time and subsequently able to return to the gym for light workouts. After a few months I was able to cross country ski and ultimately return to my passion of running and biking. She is a great motivator who is dedicated to her craft and excels at it. I would highly recommend her to get you on your feet and get you back in the game.