Multiple Morbidities Managed

Submitted by: Arlene Corcoran

JF's Success Story

JF came to the studio, barely able to walk, crippled by neuropathy in the feet; diabetes; stenosis in 3 places; multiple past surgeries & confinements; multiple weight gains and losses. Her toes were purple and curled under forcing her to ''balance" on the sides of her feet. She fell on average once a week putting her at great jeopardy of serious injury. She also had had one knee replaced and is preparing for a second knee replacement. She is in her 60's and a cancer survivor as well.

She has only fallen once in the 7 months she's been coming to the studio. She reports that it was tripping over a curb and not losing her balance.

Toes are the right color now and much flatter, less painful. Her feet are less painful and she uses much of her foot in gait. She has been following an immersive strategy for seven months, coming to the studio two to three times a week and also implementing strategies learned here to further her pain relief and build the physical capacity to fulfill her intellectual desires.