Moving past the fear of push ups

Submitted by: Josh Ogilvie

Sonja's Success Story

I was working with a female client who had for years developed a sense of fear and disappointment when it came to push ups. As a result of being a heavy set,young female with limited upper body strength in high school, Sonja had lost marks in her PE classes and thus felt that she was never good and could never do push ups.
In working with her and slowly building up her core and upper body strength, I decided to test her one day when we were going to do some modified push ups (of which she was still a little heavy set, but had lost considerable weight). She was very resistant as she mentally went back into her fears from high school. However, in convincing her that she could do them and to try she was able to perform 20 standard push ups with great form.
I was very excited for her but when she stood up she gave me a huge hug and started to cry. For her she was able to overcome all those doubts cast by her inadequate PE teacher and now knew that she was capable of what she set out to accomplish.
She has gone on to apply this sense of achievement not only in her physical world, but also in her personal and professional life.
It's amazing how much we can overcome if we put our minds to it.