Moving Better/Feeling Better

Submitted by: Christopher Cooper

Steven's Success Story

Being a healthcare professional and being born with Cerebral Palsy makes it even harder for me to make a choice regarding my own healthcare. The quality of care I expect is what I would provide to my own patients. Needless to say I rarely let another healthcare professional touch or ever treat me. Can’t ever fool me because I would know if there is talent in their touch or knowledge between their ears. That thinking changed when I was told about Chris Cooper and AMP by a long-time patient that came for treatment. My patient gave up his session for me to try Chris out. It only took ONE training session for me to know he had the knowledge base, passion, and compassion to sign-up for the long haul. I could never be motivated unless I have respect for the trainers resume. Chris has the ability to execute functionally with proper exercises and treatment techniques for carry over so improvement will be reached.