Moving around is pleasurable and I'm ready for more.

Submitted by: Jeff Groh

's Success Story

Now, I must preface this by saying that I've been plugging along with a personal trainer in another city for years. This series was different. The movements were challenging and quite different from sessions I've experienced in the past. Over the weeks, I got instruction from both Jeff and Elizabeth and they both pay a lot of attention to form and watch execution very carefully. Suggesting slightly different positions and doing a series of movements with fairly subtle shifts worked into areas of my body that seemed to have been asleep for a while. I began to realize how much improvement I could use. The sessions are described as emphasizing the upper body, lower body, etc and there is a good deal of emphasis on these individual areas, but they certainly don't ignore the rest of your body. By the end of the warm up portion you will know your whole body is fully engaged. So the last morning I was here, I was already noticing that wonderful, warm feeling down in my joints and muscles when I get up in the morning that something good has been happening in my body. Moving around is pleasurable and I'm ready for more. Unfortunately I have to leave for a month or so, but cannot wait to get back. This is going to become part of my life. I'm very anxious to see how much better I can feel and how much more energy I will have with sustained sessions from Authentic Motion.