More Than Just A Training Experience!

Submitted by: Matthew Herrold

Pam's Success Story

Matthew Herrold is the best of the best.

I signed up for a trainer, but I also found a friend. He is one of those special people who honestly wants you to achieve success from the bottom of his heart. When I started working out with Matthew, I found his manner very respectable, encouraging and positive. He is always quick to point out the improvements I have made with each workout and he is constantly watching me for proper form.

Working out with Matthew is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I completely
trust his advice and knowledge; he is definitely outstanding in his field. He is one of the most
supportive and genuine people you will ever meet. All of his great attributes kept me coming back to him for more training.

If you have the pleasure to work out with him, you will enjoy every minute and you will feel
and see success with each workout. Matthew is not only a great personal trainer, but a great
person. He rocks!!