More than a trainer

Submitted by: Tim Anderson

Josh Kimball's Success Story

"Tim is a special personal trainer. His thirst for knowledge is evident. He is continually taking courses and attending seminars to better his training technique. The reason he is special though is because his passion is to geniunely help his clients bodies heal and function optimally. He is driven by a greater passion than just helping clients attain the physical appearance they desire, he wants their bodies to look healthy from the inside out. His drive is so much deeper than the surface level. He is intent about enabling the nervous system to function as it was created to, so that people can get long lasting results that help them live pain free and stay that way. Not only does he train his clients, but he educates them to train themselves. I can say all these things from my own experience. Tim has taken selfless hours to invest in helping me correct my nervous system. He has helped get my body functioning and responding like it used to before I was in a horrible car accident, so that I can play soccer at my best for my last season at Campbell University. His time, effort, and care have truly been a blessing in my life!"

Josh Kimball - Buies Creek, NC