More Confidence

Submitted by: Analisa Johnson

Pat's Success Story

I am in my mid 70’s, pretty active, gardening, playing golf and tennis and walking occasionally. I was having a lot of trouble losing weight and my Doctor suggested a trainer. When I first contemplated having a trainer, I was very nervous and wondered what I was getting myself into. In the past, I had signed up for some classes at a local gym and did not like them. I liked Analisa immediately and felt encouraged by her approach to my well being. She took a careful history and decided on what would be a good routine for me. She was enthusiastic, conscious of some of my aching muscles and made sure I avoided any exercise that might be bad for me. She kept up a running dialogue so that I wasn’t bored on the various machines, wrote down a complete schedule for me to follow and typed it big enough so that I could see it without reading glasses. She is a delightful person, always has a smile and a good word to say – pushing me when she felt I could do a little more. Thank you!