Monica's Success

Submitted by: Israel LoBue

Monica's Success Story


I am addicted to SoCal Fit Body Bootcamp! Israel is AWESOME, energetic and really passionate about fitness. He wants to help you reach your fitness goals and really encourages you to push yourself. If you are looking for a change in your fitness routine because what you're doing is no longer motivating or seems repetitive...check this place out!

I am a runner and train for half-marathons regularly, but needed something more. I really wanted to start lifting weights and working on my core, but didn't want to confine myself to the gym and machines. And motivating myself to get up and go to the gym at 6am just wasn't happening... Not until I found this bootcamp. Now I have no problem getting up in the morning, regardless of how much I slept because I don't want to miss the workouts. Working out in the mornings sets the happy mood and gives me energy for the rest of day.

The workouts are different every time so it never gets boring. I joined over 12 weeks ago and have seen amazing results. I took my measurements when I started and 12 weeks later I have lost 10 inches all over and 10 additional pounds. This is after I had already been making changes in my diet and lost 20 lbs on my own. SoCal Fit Body Bootcamp has taken my body to a new level and I have gained so much definition.

Israel offers one week free, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? Join us! :)


Monica Before


Monica After